8 Strawberries a Day for Good Health

Eight Strawberries a Day


Did you know that eating just one cup a day of strawberries benefits the entire body? It’s true! Research suggests eating just a serving of eight medium strawberries a day may improve heart health, help manage diabetes, support brain health, and reduce the risk of some cancers. So while you’re enjoying strawberries for their sweetness and taste, you may want to take a few seconds to let all those health benefits sink in too!

And don’t let the sweet taste of strawberries fool you into thinking that they have a high sugar content. Not at all! In fact, the American Diabetes Association identifies berries, including strawberries, as one of the top ten superfoods for a diabetes meal plan because they are low in sugar. In fact, there are only 45 calories in a cup of strawberries – so instead of eating a tiny piece of candy, enjoy a satisfying cup of about eight medium strawberries that are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and dietary fiber. When added up, strawberries provide a nutritious “Whole in One” for the entire body.

There’s nothing more simply sweet or delicious than a strawberry, but most of us don’t eat as many as we should according to experts, Last year, new research indicated that an eating plan called the Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay, or “MIND”, diet can lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease by more than one third – and the secret was a healthy daily dose of strawberries and blueberries. Since strawberries can play a role in protecting our brains as we age, there’s never been a better time to resolve to eat more strawberries than in 2016.

Strawberries provide a unique combination of essential nutrients, dietary fiber and phytochemicals.

  • More vitamin C per serving than an orange and 140% of the daily value
  • A good source of fiber – 3 grams
  • Folate and potassium, along with a variety of health-promoting antioxidants
  • Just 7 grams of sugar

Delicious in both sweet and savory dishes, or by themselves, strawberries are a versatile fruit that can be enjoyed in every meal of the day. By just adding strawberries to simple, everyday recipes, it’s easy to boost nutrition and make a difference in overall health. Here are two simple, nutritious and delicious ways to incorporate strawberries into your diet this year.


Don’t have much time, but want to eat healthy? Here are a couple easy, but totally tasty recipes to try:

Strawberry Balsamic Appetizer Recipe

Cool Red Strawberry Smoothie

For more information on California strawberries, as well as creative and inspiring recipes, visit http://www.californiastrawberries.com. With so many ways to incorporate strawberries into a healthy diet in 2016, it’s easy to make it stick—and reap all the health benefits, too.

For the latest nutrition news on strawberries, visit: http://www.strawberrynutritionnews.com/


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163 thoughts on “8 Strawberries a Day for Good Health

  1. Jennifer P

    We love strawberries and have them with something almost everyday! I don’t know what I would do without strawberries in my life. Thank you to all of the farmers that make it possible for me to have them year round.

  2. Michelle Richardson

    We love using strawberries in dessert, strawberry shortcake and making a strawberry compote over angel food cake for dessert all year long!

  3. Rama Alhamwi

    We eat strawberry in every dessert we make or with our juice . We mix strawberry , milk and banana . We also like it in our breakfast and our salad for lunch or dinner

  4. Christy George

    Strawberries are my absolute favorite fresh fruit! I add then to my yogurt in the morning and then I make smoothies in the evening with them and other fruit. I will grab a handful as a snack all of the time. The are full of nutrition!

  5. Nathan Parker

    Your app doesn’t say what post you want us to comment to, hope it’s this one 🙂 Strawberries are pretty great though

  6. Anne S

    We make a healthy breakfast smoothie with strawberries (the essential ingredient!) With healthy strawberries in the blender, I can add almost anything else and it is always delicious!

  7. Rhonda

    The next time I have strawberries, I will definitely let the thoughts of all the health benefits they give me sink in. I’m at that age where I am really trying to avoid diabetes and keep a strong heart. Thanks for that information.

  8. manida

    I love strawberries, and I knew they were good for you- I just didn’t realize *how* good for you they are! More Vitamin C than an orange? That’s amazing! And they taste soooo good!

  9. Bobbie Smith

    I absolutely LOVE strawberries. I can eat them for breakfast, lunch and a snack! There is nothing better than biting into a fresh strawberry!

  10. Noelle Carroll

    Strawberries are definitely my favorite fruit hands down! My kids and I eat them daily, we eat them frozen in the winter because the ones we buy from the store are so bland and tasteless, so we either buy them frozen or freeze them during the summer. We buy them in bulk and eat them in smoothes, fruit salads, and even regular salads in the summer. They are so good!

  11. Sara M

    Strawberries are the 1 fruit I can eat all day every day & never get sick of. They’re so delicious & versatile. I toss them in cereal, a fruit parfait, a smoothie, on waffles, pancakes, or just eat them whole. I have to buy a few pounds of them because my kids will eat a whole container in 1 day.

  12. Sara Negron

    I love strawberries and I love that my kids do too! One of my favorite things about strawberries is how easy they are to grow at home in the summertime.

  13. Debbie F

    I eat fresh strawberries nearly every day – and since I no longer eat any added sugar they seem really sweet (in the past I used to add sugar to strawberries because they didn’t seem sweet enough).
    thanks for the info!

  14. Kelly D

    I enjoy adding strawberries to fruit and yogurt parfaits. I used to be allergic to strawberries but I am glad that I am not any more.

  15. When I was a kid I would sneak in to my grandmas yard and pick Her strawberry shortcake she would ask me if I had seen the animal ate her berries as she would wink and I told her it must have been the ground hog lol but she always knew it was me I still to this day grab some from her yard and share with my kids.

  16. Nicole Huckins

    We have CA strawberries in our fridge at all times! Planning on baking some oatmeal, yogurt, and strawberry muffins later today.

  17. I’m so spoiled to live close to some AMAZING strawberry growers here in Southern California. They are so delicious when eaten right from the road stand where they were picked just hours (or moments) earlier. Easy peasy to get 8 a day!

  18. Aimee

    Strawberries are our favorite healthy snack and I love to cook with them. My great grandparents owned a strawberry farm so I am a bit partial!! lol

  19. Tiffany Banks

    Strawberries are my entire family’s favorite fruit!! We use them in smoothies, desserts, salads, milk shakes, & just eat them right out of the container!! They are always a hit at any party we have. There are so many different ways to eat them, you can never go wrong!!

  20. Janice Cooper

    I absolutely love strawberries. I love them all sorts of ways – strawberry cheesecake, ice cream, shake, smoothie you name it!

  21. Katy

    Our family loves strawberries! We feel so lucky to live in Southern California where we can get the freshest strawberries at farm stands.

  22. meg a

    I was planning to get organic strawberries but, they’re mostly coming from the USA, nothing local. I love them in smoothies and in salads (when I get the chance).

  23. Chrissy Gribschaw

    I absolutely LOVE strawberries!!! So does my whole family including my 3 children!! We like them sliced with sugar BUT ALSO regularly also anyway REALLY!!!

  24. Susan

    Fresh strawberries are my absolute favorite fruit! I add them to my yogurt, cereal, or granola in the morning. I also love making smoothies with them. They’re delicious and nutritious!

  25. Cathy Thompson

    Strawberries are so yummy! We eat them so many different ways they are yummy on salad, and even plain the grandkids grab them and go bringing back the green. We simply love strawberries.

  26. Sanja

    Love Strawberries in my smoothies, fruit salads and on my dessert. Plant my own strawberries each year..yum yum
    Everything taste better with strawberries especially dipped in chocolate

  27. Stephen D

    There was a wild strawberry patch in a field near our house when I was a child. Every time I eat a strawberry today, it brings back those memories of picking and eating those delectable treats.

  28. derek jennings

    I eat strawberries almost daily,I enjoy cutting them up and eating them with yogurt and granola or in a delcilious smoothie!

  29. Lisa W

    We love strawberries but theyre HARD to g nd FULLY organic from seed to berry so we griw our own its very easy and fufilling. Like did I really just grow that! 🙂 I did!! 🙂

  30. Michele Rogers

    My boys, myself and my husband absolutely love strawberries!!! If the boys had their way they would eat them every day 🙂

  31. Yvonne ramirez

    My kids LOVE strawberries. Its a must have in our household. We make so many things with strawberries and I’m so glad I found your page on FB to add more delicious recipes! Thank you!!!

  32. Ty

    It’ s great news to hear that just a cup of strawberries a day is beneficial to my health. My family loves strawberries and add them to many recipes, especially salads.

  33. Beth Collier

    I love strawberries and I knew they were good for you, but I did not know they contained all of these benefits! Thank you for sharing!

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