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In the Kitchen blog

Come join us “In the Kitchen” where we share tested recipes and expert tips for serving your family healthy meals every day!

Meet Dave Grotto

“Guyatitian” and acclaimed author, Dave Grotto, recommends a list of ten foods to include in a healthy diet. Find out how many you are already eating – and which ones you may want to add to your meals!

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News - Strawberry News

Commission Update: California Strawberry Farmers Exhibit Commitment to Safety, Environment and Communities

Article Type : Strawberry News

For more than 50 years, California’s family strawberry farmers have exhibited a commitment to safety, the environment and their communities. In fact, the state’s strawberry farmers have pioneered global breakthroughs in organic, environmental and pest management practices – all of which have contributed to improved safety and reduced impact to the environment.

New Twists on Healthy Snacks (Seen @ FNCE!)

Article Type : Strawberry News

As a nutrition and health editor, I love to nerd out and learn about new food-related research breakthroughs and try new twists on favorite healthy foods. So I was more than excited to attend one of my favorite nutrition events of the year—the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE)—in Atlanta this week.

8 Great Summer Foods That Are Good For You, Too

Article Type : Strawberry News

Farmers markets are brimming with beautiful, ripe produce for the picking, local foods are flooding the supermarket, and it's finally time for juicy berries and stone fruits to take center stage.

My Trip to Strawberryland + A Giveaway!

Article Type : Strawberry News

After a magical trip to Santa Cruz, California last week, I’m back to tell you all about my time at the California Strawberries Farm Tour & Culinary Event! First, I want to thank the California Strawberry Commission for inviting me to visit Strawberryland.

Food Bloggers Tour California Strawberries

Article Type : Strawberry News

Right in the field and in catered dishes, 10 food bloggers got up close and personal with strawberry flavors and saw some of the challenges growers face in a tour hosted by the California Strawberry Commission.

Right in the field and in catered dishes, 10 food bloggers got up close and personal with strawberry flavors and saw some of the challenges growers face in a tour hosted by the California Strawberry Commission. - See more at: http://www.thepacker.com/fruit-vegetable-news/Food-bloggers-tour-California-strawberries-268139512.html#sthash.U8VtHJA8.dpuf

Suck Those Bugs Right Out of the Soil

Article Type : Strawberry News

I heard echoes of what consumers are asking about fresh produce as grower Rod Koda fielded questions from bloggers touring his Watsonville, Calif., strawberry field.

California Strawberries and Celebrity Chef Brian Malarkey Kick Off National Strawberry Month

Article Type : Strawberry News

Chef Showcases How Just Adding Strawberries Can Create Unique Summer Recipes

To celebrate National Strawberry Month in May, the California Strawberry Commission partnered with celebrity chef and restaurateur, Brian Malarkey, to take classic summer dishes from ordinary to fabulous by just adding strawberries.

If we were a country, we'd be top of the world

Article Type : Strawberry News

We all know strawberries are big along the Central Coast; they jostle back and forth with lettuce as being the No. 1 gross value crop in Monterey County, and when they are No. 2, they’re a close second.

State of the Strawberry: California Strawberry Commission Releases Economic Report

Article Type : Strawberry News

New Research Illustrates Statewide Community Impact of Strawberry Farming

Best Foods for Your Brain

Article Type : Strawberry News

At a time of year when hectic can be used to describe most of our schedules, it’s important that we stay focused and remember all of the tasks that we need to accomplish. SupermarketGuru has pulled together some of our favorite brain foods (and tips) to help keep you sharp and not forgetting all of the items on your list.