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Cultivating Opportunity

Cultivating Opportunity for California Strawberry Workers

Opportunities for Field Workers in California Strawberry Fields

Strawberry fields have historically provided opportunities for field workers to advance to management positions and farm ownership, according to a new report, Cultivating Opportunity for California Strawberry Workers. Virtually all of the thousands of mid-level management jobs are filled by field workers who were promoted to positions of responsibility.

Growing Generations of Latino Family Farmers

Unique properties of the state’s strawberry crop, and a robust education and training program for workers support opportunities for workers to move up in pay and responsibilities, with more than 25% of strawberry farmers getting their start as field workers. Strawberry farming has given Latinos more ownership opportunities than any other major crop, with Latinos making up two-thirds of the strawberry farmers in California.

Hard Work

Since many strawberry farmers started in the fields themselves, they recognize that hard work can help pave the path to the American Dream of a better life. Farmers recognize that field work is hard work. In the past 50 years, updates in labor regulations and farming practices ensure a safe and fair work place. Strawberry farmers know that respect and opportunity result in success for everyone. More so than any other crop, California strawberry farming makes this dream a reality.


Safety and education are primary concerns for field workers. California has the most comprehensive farm labor protections in the country: strawberry farmers comply with more than 70 laws and regulations to protect field workers, communities and consumers. A wide array of leadership, management and safety workshops provide continuing education and skills development for crew supervisors and ranch managers. Topics include communications tools, employee morale, conflict resolution, on-farm safety, crew management, sexual harassment prevention, and heat illness prevention.

The complete report, and more about California strawberry farmers can be found at http://tinyurl.com/hlgxw5z.