CA Strawberries Ambassadors 2016

As one of the most appealing and nutritious foods, folks everywhere as well as health professionals love to use strawberries as an ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes.

Studies show that eating just eight strawberries a day may benefit the whole body. To spread that good news, we regularly team up with dietitians and popular food bloggers to share recipe ideas and nutrition tips about California strawberries. Don’t miss their delicious posts by subscribing to the latest posts.

Meet a few contributors, and don’t forget to check out their sites for more nutrition and healthy recipe ideas. You’ll be glad you did!
(photos in order from top, left to right)

Caroline Kaufman, RDN – Caroline Kaufman Nutrition
Christy Wilson, RDN – Christy Wilson Nutrition
Holley Grainger, RD – Holley Grainger
Jenna Braddock, RDN – Make Healthy Easy
Jennifer Farley – Savory Simple
Regan Jones, RD – Healthy Aperture
Robin Plotkin, RDN – Robin’s Bites
Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack – Muy Bueno Cookbook




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