California Strawberry Recipe Contest Winner: Strawberry Macarons

People love strawberries, and for good reason. Strawberries are sweet, juicy, beautiful to look at, and packed with nutrients like vitamin C, folate and fiber. Not only that, they are low in sugar. The last couple years,  the team at California Strawberries hosted an online #GetSnackingChallenge to see the delicious

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Take Action During National Diabetes Month with CA Strawberries

November is National Diabetes Month and the American Diabetes Association identifies berries, including strawberries, as one of the “top 10 superfoods for a diabetes meal plan.” We’re including unique recipes along with why strawberries are a smart snack for those trying to prevent or manage diabetes.

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California Strawberry Farm Tour

Jose Luis Rocha Jr: A California Strawberry Farmer

A small group of chefs, food and lifestyle influencers had the opportunity to get to know California strawberry farmer Jose Luis Rocha Jr. Rocha Jr. Berry Farms Jose, a third generation strawberry farmer, welcomed more than a dozen folks to his ranch for a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into

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Dietitians Share Their Tips

Do you ever wonder what tips dietitians use in their personal lives with their own families? Here’s a round-up of some simple tips from top registered dietitians.

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Healthy CA Strawberry Recipe Roundup

Healthy Strawberry Recipes

Fresh or frozen, California strawberries are a versatile fruit that can help you keep your healthy-eating resolutions in check. Available year-round and delicious in both sweet and savory dishes, strawberries offer a nutritional boost to any meal of the day.

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The Heart of Santa Maria

Hear from Luis Chavez, a strawberry farmer from Santa Maria. He came to California from Mexico with nothing. Hear his heartfelt story about how strawberry farming gave him the opportunity to make a better life for him and his family.

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Here you will find personal stories from the farm, nutrition info from the experts, and enticing stories about strawberries from top chefs and food influencers. Enjoy!

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