Commission Shines Spotlight on California’s Strawberry Industry at Strawberry Fest

The California Strawberry Commission served as the main partner of the 38th annual California Strawberry Festival in Ventura this month. Held every year during National Strawberry Month, the festival pays tribute to California’s $3 billion strawberry industry, which produces 90% of the nation’s strawberries. 

“The California Strawberry Festival is always a delightful highlight of our year. This strawberry growing community, like many others along the California coast, is enthusiastic about sharing their love for strawberries, often dressing head-to-toe in strawberry gear, and indulging in all the sweet and savory ways strawberries can be enjoyed,” said Jodi Reinman, senior public relations manager for the commission. “It’s our honor to represent more than 400 strawberry farmers, shippers, and processors at the festival and bring to life their dedication to sustainably growing the best strawberries in the world.”

Throughout the two-day event, the commission engaged with hundreds of visitors at its interactive booth, providing festivalgoers with educational information on the strawberry industry’s sustainability efforts and positive impact on local communities.

Attendees also lined up for the commission’s 360-degree California strawberries video booth experience, giveaways, and a social media contest. In addition to hosting its own booth, the commission presented a $5 “build-your-own” Strawberry Shortcake Experience, with all proceeds donated to local nonprofits and community organizations. It’s estimated that attendees consumed 1.5 million strawberries at the event.