Economic Impact

Strawberries are California’s third highest grossing crop bringing in $3.02 billion in 2021.

The industry and its agricultural economics have a significant positive impact not only in the State of California, but also within the dedicated strawberry farming community and their families.

  • 400+ growers, shippers and processors, grow 90% of U.S.-grown strawberries, many on multi-generational family-owned farms. 
  • 70,000 jobs created. 
  • Jobs in upwards of 30 different sectors — from on the farm to manufacturing, delivery, distribution, even research & education.   
  • 97 cents of every farm dollar goes back into the community.

Indirect impact of strawberry farmers is $1.02 billion.

  • Trucking box companies, railroads, warehouses, retailers, fertilizer, tractors, uniforms, trucks, containers, tools, seedlings; local business: restaurants, auto dealers, realtors, health care; public service: police, teachers, parks, roads, libraries

Direct impact of strawberry farmers is $2 billion.

  • Packaging and shipping, land cost, farm supplies, equipment, labor costs, taxes