Strawberry Health & Wellness

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What's in a Strawberry?

You’ve heard that strawberries are nutritious, but now you can find out exactly what nutrients are packed in the sweet berries. Learn thier contents and how they can benefit your body.

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Enjoy 8-A-DAY!

It’s incredible how just 8 strawberries are packed with so many nutrients. Find out how eating just one cup of strawberries a few times a week can benefit the whole body.

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Expert Tips

Hear from our knowledgeable nutrition experts about all of the benefits strawberries have to offer such as how they may benefit the brain, the heart, and even help to prevent illness.

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For Health Professionals

Strawberries are great for our health. Access health materials for distribution to patients and clients, get strawberry nutrition research updates, and subscribe to our health professional newsletter.

At California Strawberries, we aim to connect the people who enjoy strawberries with the strawberry farmers and strawberry pickers of California that provide them. These nutritious berries are brought to you with generations of love and care so that you can enjoy all the benefits of eating strawberries all year long.