Strawberry Farm Stories​

Behind every California strawberry is a story. 

A story of struggle. A story of triumph. A story of opportunity. A story of the American dream. We are thankful to the hardworking people who grow and harvest your strawberries for sharing their stories. Watch the videos below and follow the #BehindtheBerry on social media to hear more stories. 

Not everybody gets an opportunity to speak directly to those who grow strawberries, so we hope these videos help provide a closer look into the life, love, and passion around strawberry farming. Learn about some of the challenges and opportunities that exist on a strawberry ranch and discover how  a simple berry has changed the lives of generations of families in California.

Many strawberry farm workers start off as strawberry pickers and work their way up, advancing through various positions including truck and tractor drivers, day laborers, crew and quality control supervisors and foremen – all the way to becoming farm owners. These opportunities have helped tens of thousands of immigrants create a better life for themselves and their families, even providing a way for their children to attend college.

A majority of strawberries grown in the United States come from California. For every berry grown, there is a  farmer story behind it and countless people who help in the process of growing and shipping strawberries to consumers across the nation and the world. California strawberry farmers have passion, pride, and stories that will inspire you, some of which can be found here.

Read through the featured stories or watch videos of interviews with the farmers and workers. Each has a story on how they learned about strawberries and the impact it has made on their lives and those of their family.