Who Is Growing Your Strawberry Fruit?

All along the central and southern coast, hundreds of California strawberry farmers are cultivating the majority of all the U.S.-grown strawberries on less than one percent of the Golden State’s farmland. In many cases, second- and third-generation farmers keep producing America’s favorite fruit. Get to know some of our farmers and hear their personal stories here.

Without farm workers, it would be impossible to get strawberries to stores across the world. Learn more about the people who hand-pick your berries and make it possible for all to enjoy!

Why California?

A rare combination of special climate, special soils, and special people make California home to nearly 90% of America’s strawberries and to generations of immigrants who have grown with the plant.

Caressed by the mammoth Pacific Ocean and enveloped in cool morning mists and nurturing afternoon sun, our strawberries grow sweet and juicy and in abundance for the world to love.

Take a virtual walk through California strawberry fields to experience the unique beauty and some of the faces behind the berries.

Our strawberry farmers are recognized world leaders in sustainable farming. More than any other commodity group in the world, they continue to invest millions of dollars in sustainable and innovative ways to grow the strawberries we all love so much. Read more about our sustainable farming.

From Our Fields to Your Table

Strawberries are easily one of America’s favorite fruits. Explore this website to learn more about the people behind this delicious and healthy food; the benefits of eating strawberries; what it takes to ensure these healthy and sweet berries get to your table; and even find strawberry snacks and recipes so you can really enjoy this tasty fruit to its fullest.

As demand continues to grow, our California strawberry farmers continue to develop sustainable farming techniques to protect the land, improve the industry, and deliver safe and healthy foods for you to enjoy.