Who We Are

Growing Strawberries

Grown along the central and southern coast on just one percent of the Golden State’s farmland, strawberries are grown by hundreds strawberry farmers, many second and third generation farmers.  “Meet” some of our farmers and hear their personal stories here.

Why California?

A rare combination of special climate, special soils, and special people make California home to nearly 90% of America’s strawberries and to generations of immigrants who have grown with the plant.

Caressed by the mammoth Pacific Ocean and enveloped in cool morning mists and nurturing afternoon sun, our strawberries grow sweet and juicy and in abundance for the world to love.

Sustainable Farming

Our strawberry farmers are recognized world leaders in sustainable farming. More than any other commodity group in the world, they continue to invest millions of dollars in sustainable and innovative ways to grow the strawberries we all love so much. For more information, visit

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