California Strawberries Virtual Farm Tour

Take a walk through some of the beautiful strawberry fields that stretch across hundreds of miles of the California coast.

Slide Perfect Rows of California Strawberries Slide Perfect Rows of California Strawberries Slide Picturesque California Strawberry Ranch Slide Salinas Strawberry Field in Fall Slide Tractor in California Strawberry Field Slide Ventura Strawberry Farmer in his Field Slide White Flower of a Strawberry Plant Slide Beautiful Juicy Red Strawberries on Plant Slide Various Stages Before Strawberries Ripen Slide Ripe California Strawberries Ready for Harvest Slide California Strawberry Farmworkers in Salinas Slide California Strawberry Farmworkers in Watsonville Slide Close-up of Farmworkers Picking CA Strawberries Slide Freshly Picked California Strawberries Slide California Strawberries Packed in Field Slide Strawberries Loaded on Truck Headed to Cooler Slide Some of the people who grow your California strawberries… Salinas Strawberry Farmer and Son Slide Wife and Mother California Strawberry Farmer Slide Watsonville California Strawberry Farmer Slide Santa Maria Strawberry Farmer Slide Watsonville Strawberry Farmer Whose Mom Taught Him How to Farm Slide Salinas Farmer and Son Slide Ventura California Strawberry Farmer Slide Ventura Sunset Over Strawberry Field
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