Whit’s Nutrition Tips

Dietitian Whitney

Whitney English
Registered Dietitian

Welcome!  My name is Whitney English and I am a registered dietitian working closely with California Strawberries to help you get the most practical information about strawberry nutrition and feel your best.

We invite you to take a little time to enjoy these brief videos or whip up some of my favorite strawberry recipes

Reach out to us if you have any questions here on the website, or through our social media pages. We are a friendly, responsive bunch!

Whit's Tips on Nutrition Trends

Balancing a Plant Based Plate

3 things to look for when balancing your plant-based plate. Get her recipe that incorporates tofu and strawberries! 

Mindful Eating

Find out how mindful eating can help us better detect our hunger and fullness cues, helping us to feel our best. 

Intermittent Fasting

Whit shares how Intermittent fasting can help you align your eating pattern with your body’s natural metabolic cycles. 

Focus on Fiber for Gut Health

Hear about how a fiber-rich diet can help with weight management, disease prevention  and overall gut health. Bonus recipe included!

Super-C Strawberry Shots

These strawberry wellness shots aren’t just pretty – they’re pretty good for you, too! Each shot contains 2/3 of your daily dose of vitamin C.

Reducing Sugar

Evidence based breakdown on reducing sugar in your diet. In a context of a balanced diet a little added sugar won’t hurt you, but when you can reduce it why not!

Brain Health

Portion Control

Transitioning to Plant Based

Plant Based Meal Planning

Whitney's Easy Strawberry Recipes

Cashew Cream Stuffed Strawberries

Cashew Cream Stuffed Strawberries are a delicious plant-based snack or elegant appetizer for any occasion! 

Strawberry Acai Breakfast Bowl

This antioxidant-rich smoothie bowl! Top with fresh strawberries, granola, and coconut flakes for a delicious, balanced breakfast.

Dairy-Free Strawberry Tofu “Yogurt”

Start your day with this plant-based strawberry “yogurt,” packed with protein and fiber.

Strawberry Fruit Leather

Here’s an ideal recipe to make on a rainy day since it needs to linger in the oven for hours.