The History of Strawberry Farming in California

Generations of strawberry farmers in California have dedicated their lives to producing healthy, safe strawberries that are famous throughout the world.

Take a moment to check out this video and discover the history captured in this brief, KVIE video.

What makes California ideal for growing the highest-quality strawberries? Why do we have such an extensive history of healthy, delicious foods and dedicated, knowledgeable farmers?

The agriculture boom happened in California right alongside the gold rush, meaning that people were immigrating to California to chase their dreams and find success from the earliest days of the state.

This could be because strawberries produce  a large amount of fruit on a small piece of land, since the crops produce fruit continuously over many months.

historical photo strawberry field
historical photo strawberry field

But the story of California strawberries is about more than efficient use of the land. It is intrinsically connected to the immigration story.

Strawberries made it possible for families to settle in a single location where they could work instead of following the in-season crops around the state. Many of these immigrants started in irrigation or picking the strawberries, and many went on to build their own strawberry farms and businesses.

Now, generations of the same families have built their livelihoods here.

Historical events have, of course, had their toll on the industry over the years, and there will always be challenges in the future. However, the more we know about the past the easier it will be to face the challenges of the future. 

Take a little time and check out this short but inspirational documentary on farming strawberries in California.