General FAQ

People love strawberries, so we get a lot of questions about California strawberries. Here are answers to some popular questions. For a chuckle or two, check out the funniest questions we’ve ever been asked below. If you have a favorite story about strawberries, please feel free to share!

What is the best method for growing strawberries?

Growing strawberries as a hobby is very different from commercial strawberry production. Our advice is to contact your local nursery for growing tips.

Are organic strawberries healthier than conventional?

Most studies to date show that organic and conventional strawberries are equally nutritious. Many conventional farmers use some of the same production practices that organic growers use. Health and nutrition experts recommend eating fresh fruits and veggies – whether organic or conventional. According to the US Dietary Guidelines for Americans, most people should be doubling their fruit and vegetable consumption to reduce their risk of chronic disease and maintain a healthy weight.

Is it true that GMO is used to grow strawberries?

No. There are no genetically modified strawberries commercially grown and shipped.

Different varieties of strawberries are developed for different climates and growing conditions. These varieties are developed using traditional breeding methods that involving selecting two parents and crossing them using their flowers.

Can I freeze strawberries?

There are a few different ways to freeze strawberries. One popular method is to freeze whole without sugar to maintain shape and health benefits. Directions: After rinsing, gently blot dry and slice stem off at top of berry. Place cut side down on a cookie sheet lined with waxed paper and place uncovered in freezer for a minimum of six hours. Transfer strawberries to a freezer bag or container. Frozen strawberries can be stored frozen for several months.

What’s the best way to store strawberries?

For strawberries to stay fresh, do not wash them right away. Refrigerate them as soon as possible in the original clamshell or in a container with a dry paper towel at the bottom. Separate the berries by layering them with paper towels to maximize freshness. Just before using, wash strawberries with the caps attached under a gentle spray of cool water. For best flavor, serve strawberries at room temperature.

Do small berries taste better than large ones?

Flavor is influenced by growing conditions like weather, stage of ripeness when harvested, and variety. Size is not a factor in determining flavor.

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