California Strawberry Recipe Contest Winner: Strawberry Macarons

People love strawberries, and for good reason.

Strawberries are sweet, juicy, beautiful to look at, and packed with nutrients like vitamin C, folate and fiber. Not only that, they are low in sugar.

The last couple years,  the team at California Strawberries hosted an online #GetSnackingChallenge to see the delicious and creative ways people like to enjoy strawberries. Hundreds of people entered the challenge this year. To see some of the submissions, head over to the @castrawberries Instagram page or check out the #GetSnackingChallenge hashtag. You won’t have to look far to see scrumptious savory and sweet strawberry snacks that would be great any time of the day, and for any occasion.

Each month during the summer, the judges picked three of their favorite submissions, which were then entered into the finale to win the grand prize. After reviewing hundreds of strawberry snack entries, the people voted and one winner out of the final fifteen was selected. Below is the recipe to the contest winner. Who would love to make gorgeous strawberry macarons?

Strawberry Recipe Finalists

Caprese Strawberry Tart by @GoodGriefCook