The Best Strawberry Toast Ideas


Get four great ways to make fresh strawberry toast!Strawberry Toast

Strawberries are one of those rare foods that are delicious just as they are.

They don’t necessarily need anything to make them taste great because they already are. At the same time, they are also amazingly versatile to dress up a bit because they are beautiful and can be enjoyed in almost any kind of dish, salad, dessert or sandwich. That’s one of the things that make strawberries so unique!

When it comes to preparing a warm snack, it doesn’t get much easier than toast. And when it comes to topping toast, it doesn’t get much more delicious than strawberries. There are just so many options – so it never gets boring. Maybe you’re a peanut-butter-toast kind of person. Well, it’s so easy to take peanut butter (or any nut butter) toast to the next level by adding sliced, fresh strawberries. And then level up again by dusting with cocoa powder and a honey drizzle.

Or how about  making strawberry toast s’mores with homemade (or store-bought marshmallows) and a little dark chocolate?

Savory Strawberry Toast Ideas

On the savory side of strawberry toast, there are multiple cheese options that pair wonderfully with strawberries, such as goat, ricotta, mozzarella, brie, feta, cottage and the list goes on.

While saying yes to strawberries and cheese, why not add some protein? Think bean spreads, of almost any kind, and even salmon and chicken. Throw in some greens and you can make a strawberry salad on toast. If that sounds a little too creative, just stick with something as simple as this Strawberry Burrata Toast.

Another great way to create a savory strawberry toast is with avocado. Strawberries and avocado are like a match made in heaven with the creaminess of the avocado and the subtle tartness of strawberries. Add a little watercress, arugula or even cucumber and you have a meal. Or, turn your toasts into appetizers like this recipe for Bite-Size Avocado Toasts with Strawberry Salsa.

Strawberry Toasts for Snacks, Breakfast or Anytime

Because strawberry toast can satisfy both a sweet and savory tooth, this tasty and easy treat can be served up any time of day. Busy moms can easily create a healthy on-the-go, weekday breakfast for kids by simply topping toast with nut butter or cottage cheese, strawberries and bananas.

Or how about making a strawberry toast pizza under the broiler with mozzarella cheese and sliced strawberries? And then glam it up with a finishing drizzle of reduced balsamic vinegar.

Either way you slice it, strawberry toast is a thing for sure. And a delicious and healthy one too!

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