How to Make Strawberry Cheesecake

There are many recipes on how to make strawberry cheesecake and many different varieties. There’s no-bake, traditional, mini, no-crust, non-dairy and so many others. We can all agree that some cheesecake recipes are better than others, but how do you make a truly great cheesecake?

There are several things that factor into making this tasty dessert and can make the difference between a total flop and a dessert that will wow your guests.

Choose Quality Ingredients

When making a strawberry cheesecake, ingredients are key. The type of ingredients that you choose can impact texture and flavor. For example, using frozen strawberries versus fresh ones will impact the moisture levels as frozen strawberries will have some ice melt-off and tend to be softer when thawed. Frozen strawberries also take on a bit of a different flavor. The cheese used can also impact taste. For example, organic versus non-organic, cream cheese or ricotta – and even brands of cheese can change the way your strawberry cheesecake turns out.

There is no wrong cheese brand to use. And when it comes to the strawberries, both frozen and fresh berries can result in top-notch cakes. It’s all a matter of preference.

Use a Proven Recipe

We know strawberries, and we also know good strawberry recipes. We specialize in working with chefs, food bloggers, and home bakers to craft recipes that will delight your taste buds. These are just a few of our tried and true strawberry cheesecake recipes.

Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes

Perfect for crowds and events, these bite sized treats have a nice layer of thickened strawberry sauce that adds a bolder strawberry flavor and wonderful pop of color.

These treats are a nice easy twist on cheesecake without the baking. The best part is that you can also take them on the go!

Coconut Lime Cheesecake with Strawberry Sauce

Strawberries pair well with almost all other fruits (and even some veggies). This cheesecake is a tropical summery sweet that you’re sure to love.

This cheesecake is along the more traditional lines but is decadent and delicious just like you’d expect a great strawberry cheesecake to be.

Cheesecake Tips

We’ve collected some of the best tips on making a great cheesecake so that you don’t have to. Want to craft the perfect dessert? Here is what we found:

  • Use full-fat ingredients (or whatever fat content the recipe calls for). This helps ensure the recipe will turn out as it should (Taste of Home)
  • Use room temperature cream cheese (Life Love and Sugar)
  • Cook and cool gradually to help prevent cracking. For example, After baking is completed, open the oven door and let cheesecake cool in oven (Food Network)
  • Use a water bath to bake the cheesecake evenly (Taste of Home)
  • Mix ingredients on low speed to avoid overmixing (Bakestarters)
  • Wobble the cheesecake to test if it’s done for recipes that aren’t no-bake. Don’t poke the cheesecake (The Spruce Eats)

Enjoy Your Cheesecake

The best part about making strawberry cheesecake is enjoying the effort you’ve put in to make it. Enjoy with friends and family, or dig in and treat yourself.

Don’t forget that in addition to cheesecake, there are plenty of strawberry desserts to enjoy and we have some great recipes for you!