5 Easy Strawberry Recipes for College Students

Just because you’re a college student  – or just an extra busy person – it doesn’t mean you have to live off ramen noodles or sacrifice nutrition! Experts recommend adding more color to your diet and strawberries definitely can add a pop of color and boost your nutrition. Below are five easy strawberry recipes that college students (or anybody) can make and even share with roomies or friends to help maintain a nutritious and delicious lifestyle.

Smoothies are both simple to make and nutrition-packed and adding strawberries is a no-brainer because of their availability and their taste. Fresh or frozen strawberries can be used as the base of your smoothie and sweetened with other additions like dates, like in this recipe. Honey or agave are also options, depending on your preference. Either way, when you pair chocolate with strawberries, you can’t go wrong.

Strawberry Souffle Pancake

Imagine the fluffiness of a souffle with the sweetness of strawberries in a pancake form! Strawberry souffle pancakes are a light, tasty snack that doesn’t just have to be for breakfast. This recipe can be easily doubled for another meal for a grab-and-go breakfast or lunch before running out the door for your next class.

For a quick and nutritious fix, you can cut up all of your favorite fruits and make this fun rainbow fruit salad.

Garnish with mint or even make a tasty dip to go with it. The best part is that it can be chilled in the fridge and snacked on throughout the day or week so there’s always something nutritious on-hand to fuel that much needed brain power.

A flatbread is an easy and quick meal that is both tasty and will sustain you for lunch or dinner. The flatbread doesn’t even need to be made from scratch! A naan or other flatbread can be picked up at your local store and topped with the sweet and savory ingredients. This unique combo flatbread could quickly become one of your favorite meals.

You may be long past those homemade PB&Js with the crust cut off, but there’s nothing like a little nostalgia while you’re studying away from home. This take on the age-old classic is fun, tasty, and filled with nutrients.

It is easy to make ahead and keep in the fridge for lunch or a snack, and also travels well for a quick bite between classes.

Try These Strawberry Recipes Today

With such a hectic schedule between classes, work, and the everyday requirements of life, students need nutrient-rich meals to fuel their activity! These simple strawberry recipes offer the ease that college students need in their day-to-day diet.