5 Festive Strawberry Recipes for the Holidays

Strawberry Santas
Strawberry Holiday Star Bread

As Christmas and the New Year draw near, we are in the season of giving and gathering. There’s no question that good food makes the holiday season merrier. California Strawberries is excited to share some of our favorite recipes featuring our favorite fruit that are perfect for the season, whether entertaining guests or attending a festive gathering.

strawberry santas

Fresh Strawberry Santas

Strawberry Santas are an adorable addition to any Christmas spread. These will be appreciated by kids and adults alike for their whimsical look and delicious flavor. The sweet taste of  strawberries with the creamy and slight savory taste of cream cheese works so well atop a bursting-with-flavor berry.

Strawberry Star Bread

One of our latest recipes, this Strawberry Star Bread is a show-stopper bread that is as delicious as it is beautiful. This pastry features a beautiful star center that makes it especially inviting. It’s versatile and would be a lovely breakfast pastry with coffee or tea or served as a dessert after a lighter meal.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Tree

We love getting festive with chocolate covered strawberries, and our latest creation is one you won’t want to miss. This Chocolate covered strawberry Christmas tree is a fun treat that looks elaborate, but is simpler than you think to assemble. It’s certainly got the festive factor and is also packed with flavor. You can use it as a table centerpiece and then snack on it with your friends and family!

Strawberry Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Strawberry Sauce

Dressing up your holiday turkey is about to get a little more exciting with this Cranberry Strawberry Sauce. You can take your everyday cranberry sauce and take it up a notch by adding the sweetness of strawberries. For cranberry sauce lovers, this twist on the classic version will not disappoint!

Strawberry Sangria

A delicious and festive strawberry sangria is a great way to add some holiday cheer to your gathering. You’ll love the fruity flavor combination that features the wonderful taste of strawberries. While they may not be the top fruit you think of when it comes to sangria, we’re sure they will be once you try this delightful drink.

Mini Strawberry & Chocolate Party Cakes

These Mini Strawberry and Chocolate Party Cakes are sure to be both eye-catching and delicious! They are perfect for holidays or any festive occasion when you’re looking for a special dessert.

Strawberry Christmas Tree

This beautiful strawberry Christmas tree is a perfect addition to your holiday dinner table. Just 5 easy steps to make a perfect strawberry Christmas tree. With all the vitamins in strawberries, you can feel great about this dish. 

Strawberry desserts are a favorite way to add something sweet on the table, while incorporating something healthy into the dish. Take a look at even more of our other delicious recipes too, and enjoy!

As we’re enjoying the holidays, we are thankful to our California strawberry farmers and pickers who work hard each day so that we can enjoy incredible recipes like these, and have an abundance of such a healthy and tasty fruit.  

Happy Holidays!