Perfect Strawberry Sweets for Spring

Spring marks the beginning of strawberry season, and we know we’re not alone when we express our excitement for the abundance of this tasty fruit. With spring holidays like Easter right around the corner, picnics in the newly warm weather, and  other spring activities, there’s never been a better time to make strawberries the center of an occasion.

We’ve put together some of our favorite light and tasty strawberry recipes that are crowd-pleasers for any occasion or activity you’ll be part of this spring.

This recipe is sure to give adults and kids alike a springtime smile. This is one of those recipes that is fun, cute, and multi-functional. You can create an edible centerpiece for a spring table, or simply surprise your guests with this treat. A fun twist would be to add some pudding or ice cream to the bottom of the pot underneath the yummy crushed cookies.

strawberry carrots in a spring garden

Macarons have taken the dessert world by storm. There are so many ways to make them and incorporating strawberries is, of course, our favorite way to eat these. Macarons are a welcome treat at any picnic or brunch, adding a fun pop of color to your spread.

As weather warms up and spring sports kick into gear, what better way to cool off the team than with a cold healthy treat? Whether ending a game, playing at the park, or heading out to a picnic, you can make these ahead, toss in a cooler on some ice, and have a perfect treat to cool you down on a warm spring day. 

A favorite Easter pastime for many is decorating easter eggs. Add a fun twist, or an additional activity, and have the whole family join in to decorate strawberry easter eggs. A snack that doubles as an activity is always a win in our book. These also add a fun and colorful element to any festive spring table!

Strawberry Easter Eggs

We’d be remiss if we shared a list of sweets without including chocolate. This decadent bundt cake is relatively simple to make, but rich in flavor. Strawberries and a chocolate glaze top this moist cake that everyone will enjoy.

dark chocolate strawberry bundt cake

It’s great to spring clean everything from your home to your eating habits, but in the spirit of moderation, it’s never a bad idea to enjoy some sweets along the way too. We hope you welcome in the warm weather and spring celebrations with these yummy recipes from California Strawberries.