Spring Strawberry Tips from Two Dietitians

It’s peak strawberry season in California right now and two of our registered dietitian friends, Carolyn O’Neil, M.S., R.D.N and Colleen Christensen, R.D., are sharing the health benefits of strawberries as well as the versatile ways they can be enjoyed.

Carolyn O’Neil says nothing screams spring like a fresh bowl of California strawberries. As a dietitian, Carolyn loves that each serving has as much vitamin C as an orange, which is all the vitamin C we need in a day!

When it comes to snacking on strawberries, a couple of Carolyn’s top recommendations are this  Strawberry Smoothie Bowl made with two cups of fresh chopped strawberries, and this  Strawberry Pecan Salad with mixed greens with sweet and savory elements.  Carolyn suggests serving it as a side dish or topping with your favorite protein for a heartier meal.

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Colleen Christensen says that any great meal starts with quality ingredients that are in season. When strawberries are in peak season, it’s a perfect time to brighten any dish with the vibrant red fruit.

Colleen loves how versatile strawberries are, whether using them as the base for a refreshing smoothie or as a pop of fresh color and flavor on a salad. Like most of us, Colleen has a sweet tooth, and strawberries add natural sweetness. Plus, the anthocyanins in strawberries may reduce inflammation, oxidative stress, and insulin resistance- risk factors for type 2 diabetes.

Among her favorites is this Strawberry Kale Salad topped with grilled chicken tenders. This is a high protein dish packed with flavor and nutrients. In addition to containing the full recommended Daily Value for vitamin C, one serving of strawberries also provides fiber, potassium, and chronic disease fighting antioxidants.

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