Strawberries & Apples: Combining Summer Goodness with Fall’s Favorite Fruit

Strawberries are often considered a summer fruit, while apples are associated with the fall harvest but both are perfect for year-round enjoyment. Luckily, due to California’s mild temperatures, California strawberries can grow in abundance all year long and can be enjoyed in any season, and for any occasion.

If summer comes to mind when it comes to strawberries, as the summer winds down, try making that transition to fall by combining that sweet strawberry flavor with the crisp freshness of apples in some delicious recipes.

Here are some of our favorites:

Colorful salad
This salad is a favorite at California Strawberries and is a great transitional dish between seasons. You can’t go wrong with this bold, crisp combination of flavors. It makes the perfect side dish or can be the centerpiece of a luncheon or gathering.

These Strawberry Apple roll-ups are a perfect treat or snack to pack in an end-of-summer picnic or in a work or school lunch. Full of flavor and nutrition, they’re a delightfully simple combination of these two tasty fruits.

This satisfying sangria is packed with flavor, and dare we say, some vitamins too. Enjoy strawberries paired with apples and other fruity notes in a tasty sangria that you can enjoy at your next event, or enjoy  as you wind down for the weekend. You can even turn up the spice factor to make it feel like fall or tone it down to enjoy more of the fruity flavors.

A fruit salad is always in season. This rainbow fruit salad brings cheer to the table whether it’s a celebration, or just a typical weekday. With strawberries (of course), apples, and a grouping of other delicious fruits, you can have the best of flavors and nutrients that nature has to offer.

Strawberries are great on their own, but paired with other fruits like apples, you can’t go wrong. Enjoy these and other strawberry recipes from California Strawberries today.