6 Cozy and Romantic Strawberry Desserts

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. From Galentine’s celebrations to a romantic date night, there are plenty of ways to celebrate love. There are so many delicious recipes to let the unofficial fruit of the holiday (strawberries) shine, and we have come up with a list of some romantic strawberry desserts  that are perfect for a cozy date night, or to share with a group of friends this Valentine’s Day.

S’mores are a favorite campfire dessert, but it can also be a romantic treat to share. For a fun twist on a classic, you can make it into something romantic to share.

Share your strawberry-topped s’mores with your partner by the fireplace or around a backyard fire pit for an ultra-romantic (and cost-effective) evening. Bring it to a valentine’s party to share as well. However you enjoy it, you’ll have a great Valentine’s Day enjoying this treat.

Fudge is a smooth and rich dessert, and what food is more romantic than chocolate paired with strawberries.

This sweet dessert is reminiscent of a chocolate-covered strawberry, which makes it sure to be a Valentine’s Day favorite. Some might argue that it’s even better than a chocolate-covered strawberry because there’s so much chocolatey goodness in each bite.

A simple cookie can be the perfect evening (and dare we say romantic) dessert.

These are perfect paired with ice cream and hot fudge for a romantic date night in. You can also bring them to feed a group of your favorite gal pals for a Galentine’s celebration, or serve at any group Valentine’s Day celebration. These are a sure hit.

If you’re staying in and getting cozy this Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing better than Strawberry Bread Pudding. It’s the perfect dessert to enjoy in these cold weather months too, because it’s best served warm.

Strawberry bread pudding is a great recipe for beginners because it’s easy to make so you can impress your date whether you’re a new couple or have been together for years.

For a delightfully cozy dessert with strawberries, try Stovetop Graham Cracker Strawberry Crisp.

Any dessert like this that you can share and enjoy together can help create a romantic atmosphere. You can even make this together and create the perfect Valentine’s date night at home.

It’s so easy to learn how to make strawberry hearts from fresh strawberries! In just a few minutes you can transform a few strawberries into an even more special treat that can be shared as-is, or dipped in chocolate.

Make Valentine’s Day More Romantic With Strawberries

The best part about using strawberries in your favorite dessert recipes is that you can find fresh, ripe strawberries throughout the year because California’s growing conditions are always ideal, even as Valentine’s Day approaches at the end of winter.

Whether you’re looking for something cool and refreshing during the summer or you want something warm to invoke the warm cozy feelings of romance this Valentine’s Day, strawberry desserts are the perfect choice.