8 Ways to Decorate Fresh Strawberries

If you know much about California strawberries, then you know how much we enjoy sharing the versatility of this tasty and nutritious little red fruit. From drinks, to cakes, to specialized Latin American recipes, strawberries can find a home in just about any type of food and enhance it in such a delicious way.

Strawberries can also be the main event in a snack or dessert all on their own. One of our favorite ways to enjoy them like this is by dressing up our berries to the nines with a variety of colors and flavors.

Here are some fun ways to decorate fresh strawberries.

Festive Ways to Dress Strawberries Up

You can’t go wrong by featuring strawberries for any holiday or festivity, no matter what it is. And let’s face it, they’re one of the most exciting foods to dress up for the occasion. We could showcase an endless list of dipped-and-dressed strawberries, but some all-time favorites are:  

Strawberry Firecracker Pops –  We’ve got summer on the brain, and that means the 4th of July. These firecracker pops are made with strawberries decorated in red, white, and blue sweetness. 

 Strawberry Easter Eggs and Strawberry Carrots in a Spring Garden are creative, cute, and fun. You don’t need to wait for a special holiday to make these cute creations either. These treats are healthy and fun snacks (and activities) to get the kids involved in any time of year!  

Strawberry pumpkins, ghosts, and even mummies are a great way to anyone’s Halloween-loving heart. They’re adorable, delicious, and nutritious.  

Decorate for Flavor

Strawberries pair nicely with a number of other flavors. They can both look and taste great by pairing them up with great-tasting ingredients.  

A favorite of many of our friends are Matcha Covered Strawberries. These are dipped in matcha and white chocolate, and the flavor is nothing short of outstanding.   

Next up are Campfire Strawberries. Is there anything more nostalgic and fun than being (or imagining yourself) gathered with friends or family around a campfire? You can bring these along to the great outdoors, or just get a little taste of them with this fun strawberry-marshmallow duo. 


Shape and Create

It’s easier than you think to make a beautiful design out of something as simple as a strawberry. Just about anyone can create these fun strawberry creations:  

Strawberry Roses can be made into a beautiful bouquet for anyone you care about. These edible flowers are a perfect pick-me-up or romantic gesture.   

Strawberry Hearts are one of our all-time most popular recipes. It’s easy and fun to make hearts that both look and taste sweet for your own sweetheart, no matter what the occasion may be.  

We hope we’ve inspired you with these fun and delicious ways to decorate strawberries for your next event. Each way is unique and creative, and even allows you to get some healthy nutrients in with your festive snacking.