Strawberries for Your Heart and Your Love

Strawberries have long been associated with love and romance. With their vibrant red color, perfect little heart shapeand sweet taste and aroma – it’s pretty easy to see why, isn’t it? 

February is American Heart Month and great time to focus on taking care of the heart. And we all know the 14th is Valentine’s Day, a day set aside to celebrate L-O-V-E and the special people in our lives.  

To help you celebrate these February events, we’ve put together a short list of healthy strawberry recipes that are good for your heartand some of our favorite sweet and savory recipes to serve your loves. Enjoy! 

4 Popular Strawberry Recipes for Valentine’s Day: 

Strawberries are uniquely suited for the special day of the year that celebrates love and are a perfect food to serve the people you love on Valentine’s Day. Because we have the privilege of promoting the food that hundreds of California strawberry farmers grow, we just happen to have some of the best recommendations for strawberry recipes at our fingertips.  

This How to Make Strawberry Hearts video was one of the most popular videos  on It’s so easy to turn fresh strawberries into a healthy and romantic treat with a few little creative tips and dark chocolate. 

With a dozen fresh strawberries, some wooden skewers, a few creative cuts with a knife, and you can easily serve up a deliciously romantic and surprising treat this Valentine’s Day (or any special occasion!).

strawberry roses

Who doesn’t love a stack of the fluffiest pancakes? Add some heart-shaped fresh strawberries and top with warm, melted butter and a drizzle of honey or syrup and you’ve got the most romantic and delectable breakfast or brunch around! 

These little hand-pies have it all when it comes to a perfect Valentine’s Day treat. The tender, flakey heart-shaped crusts are filled with a fresh, easy-to-make sweet strawberry compote. Imagine a serving tray plated with two little strawberry hand-pies and two homemade lattes for a sweet and romantic brunch.  

Strawberry Heart Hand Pies

Strawberry Recipes for a Healthy Heart:

Heart healthy meals typically include fiber, potassium (helps control blood pressure), antioxidants, low sugar, sodium & saturated fat – and strawberries check all those boxes! Additionally, antioxidants, fiber, and phytochemicals in strawberries have been shown to reduce total cholesterol levels – so go ahead and make your heart and your tastebuds happy with these simple dishes!

Cashew Cream Stuffed Strawberries are a delicious, dietitian-created, plant-based snack or elegant appetizer for any occasion! These little bites of sweet and creamy goodness taste like a sweet and decadent treat but have all the benefits of a healthy snack. 

This salad can be served as a main or side dishPacked with healthful ingredients like strawberries, quinoa and black beans, this savory and sweet dish is both tasty and satisfying

This heart-healthy meal is high in fiber (20% Daily Value) and offers 5g of monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) to help lower cholesterol. The California strawberries add potassium and antioxidants to keep blood pressure and inflammation down.

strawberry Quinoa Parfait